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Overview of Appearance Protection products including:




  • Interior Protective Coatings for Carpet, Fabric and Leather
  • Exterior Protective Coatings for Paint, Chrome and Trim
  • Undercoating, Sound Deadener, Rust Protection Products
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Fabric Protector





From the morning coffee to the muddy soccer game, today’s active lifestyles subject the fabric and carpet in your vehicle to a great deal of abuse.  Our premium Fabric Protector increases the life, looks, and cleanablility of your fabric and carpet by forming a barrier that repels dirt and abrasive particles.

  • Penetrates and seals each individual fiber
  • Repels both oil and water based liquids and stains
  • Makes fabric and carpet easier to clean and reduces wear
  • Prevents permanent staining
  • #700 Fabric/Carpet Protector - Protection for textile fibers used in carpet and upholstery
  • #725 Fabric/Carpet Protector
    (Water-Based) Protection for textile fibers used in carpet and upholstery

Leather Care

The leather in your vehicle needs special care.  The seating surfaces are required to flex and stretch every day under an extreme range of temperatures and conditions.  Treatment with “Leather Care” will cleanse, enrich, protect and seal the leather to keep it looking new.





  • UV blockers stop sun damage
  • Emollient oils keep leather soft, supple and flexible
  • Increases lubricity to reduce wear caused by abrasion
  • Leaves leather with a deep rich sheen
  • Prevents premature aging
  • #800 Leather Protector
    Protection for automotive leather and vinyl interior seating surfaces

Paint Protector

Our Paint Protector is considered a major break-through in paint care. Waxes quickly wash off or melt off in the hot sun, and silicones smear and attract dust and dirt.  Our superior Paint Protector is a tough film forming polymer resin coating that resists damaging acid rain, industrial fallout, oxidation, detergents, bugs, and bird droppings while maximizing the shine.  





  • Tough film forming resin coating won’t wash off or smear
  • Bonded to paint with 5 step application process
  • Repels natural and man made elements that damage paint
  • Best looking, longest lasting, most durable protection
  • Keeps your vehicle looking showroom new.




  • #600 Resin Coating Paint Protector
    Ultimate Protection for painted and metal automotive surfaces.
  • #625 Premium Paint Protector
    Long lasting Protection for painted and metal automotive surfaces




The vehicle’s underside is directly exposed to damaging elements.  Water, salt, mud, snow, ice, salt, and dust control chemicals combined with abrasion caused by dirt, sand and stones, attack the metal on your vehicle’s underside to cause rust.  Protect your vehicles underside with Undercoating.   

  • Tough and flexible sealant
  • Sprayed on all exposed areas of the underside
  • Seals out elements that cause rust
  • Reduces damage caused by abrasion
  • Keeps your vehicle’s underside looking new

Sound Barrier





Sound Barrier provides all the benefits of undercoating plus the added comfort of a quieter ride.  The thick coating deflects road noise and inhibits metals ability to resonate sounds into the passenger compartment. Make every mile more pleasant with Sound Barrier.  

  • Provides all the protection of undercoating
  • Thicker coating muffles road noise and vehicle vibrations
  • Muffles stone pinging and water impact noise
  • Provides a quieter, more enjoyable, driving experience

Rust Protection




It’s not enough to say your vehicle is running good after a lot of miles; you want it to continue to look good too.  Water, humidity, air, mud, salt, calcium chloride used for dust control, and galvanic reactions attack today’s vehicles and will cause rust damage.  Protect the entire body with Rust Protection.

  • Upper-body panels & seams are coated with penetrating sealant
  • Under-body components are coated with a tough abrasion resistant sealant
  • Seals out the elements that cause rust & corrosion
  • Protects your investment & resale value - eliminates costly rust repairs