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With over 75 years experience in manufacturing reliable coatings, Pure Asphalt has created a line of “waterproofing” foundation coatings that are durable, flexible and easy to apply. These single component heavy bodied protective coatings are designed for economical airless spray application to provide a smooth, tough, membrane that resists water penetration. Unlike “dampproof” coatings that offer short term protection, SureDry foundation coatings are extremely elastomeric, will not become brittle even at low temperatures, and provide long term warranted protection


4000 Application

Brick Stamped Wall

4000 close up

  • SureDry 4000 – Black polymer modified asphalt emulsion. 
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  • SureDry 6000 – Black polymer modified asphalt emulsion. 
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  • SureDry 6850 – Gray polymer, rubber emulsion with UV stability for above and below grade-line applications. View Product Brochure
  • SureDry 7000WB – Black fluid applied, single component, polymer modified asphalt cutback emulsion.
  • SureDry 7000 – Black polymer modified asphalt cutback
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  • SureDry 9000 – Gray polymer heavy bodied coating
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Dampproofing Products




  • No. 62 Dampproofing – Asphalt emulsion
  • No. 90 Dampproofing – Asphalt cutback
  • No. 020FAF Emulsion – Asbestos-Free-Fibered asphalt emulsion
  • No. 83 Foundation Coating - Asbestos-Free-Fibered asphalt cutback
  • No. 60, 70, 70B Cold-Applied Water-Based Emulsified-Asphalt dampproofing for use on slightly damp surfaces 

Drainage & Insulation Board





  • DOW Styro Foam - Panels prevent moisture infiltration
  • CertiFoam
  • Fiberglass Drainage Panels - The Sure Dry Waterproofing system consists of two steps to keep a basement dry. First, the SureDry Membrane is applied to a basement to seals a basement from water. SureDry Protection Panels are then placed over the membrane.
  • Strip Drain and Dimple Board - View Product Listing
  • SureDRY 100 Sheet Drain - Two part prefabricated soil sheet drain
  • SureDRY Strip Drain - Two part prefabricated geocomposite drain
  • Fibrex FBX Drainage Board - FBX Drainage Board is designed to provide positive drainage of foundation walls by directing ground water to the foundation drainage system. It is a basalt-mineral fibre board that is 1” thick. It conforms to irregularities and can be installed horizontally or vertically. It’s easy to fabricate and handle and provides excellent drainage.  





Signs of structural cracks include horizontal cracks, cracks ” or greater, and offset cracks. These are just a few of signs of structural damage. If there is any question of structural problems, a professional repair contractor should be called. Hydraulic cement and urethane caulk consistently fail in a few short years. Expansion and contraction of the wall, though minimal, cause service repairs to shadow crack and leak again. With urethane or epoxy injection this does not occur. Crack injection, properly installed, should last the life of the structure. It is rare that a crack is so small it cannot be injected with Sure Dry’s crack injection system. Cracks which are barely visible to the naked eye are good candidates for crack injection. SureDry provides product support through inside tech sales, field training, and instructional videos

    • Why Use the SureDry Crack Injection System?
    • Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Crack Injection
    • Crack Repair Product Selector
    • Crack Injection Products and Accessories List 2007

Mastic Productsmastic2

  • No. 66 Mastic – Asbestos-Free mastic
  • No. 89 Mastic – Asbestos-Free - Polymer modified, rubber added, mastic
  • No. 4877 Mastic – Asbestos-Free Trowlable butyl rubber mastic

Form Release Products




  • No. 79 Form Release – Reactive form release
  • No. 90 Form Release – Reactive form release
  • No. 94 Form Release - Reactive Form Release